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I created and develop a cross-platform open source website manager called Nift. It has LuaJIT and ExprTk (GitHub) embedded along with in-built languages Functionstein for scripting and Templatestein for templating, and has a shell extension called Flashell.


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I coded together the world's fastest implementation of lolcat which I call lolcat-cc. Check out especially the lolcat.on function for the Nift shell extension.

Google ai challenges

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From 2010-2011 using the identity antimatroid I competed in, and contributed to designing and building an international artificial intelligence programming contest sponsored by Google, commonly known as the Google ai challenges. Each participant wrote a self-contained computer program, also known as a bot, to play a game against other people's bots. Once submissions were closed for each challenge, bots were matched against each other and ranked based on their performance.





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